I am an online ballet instructor who has performed in several ballets in the past. I have also taught ballet in studios and on occasion private lessons. I am also a model and have been in a few commercials. I have received bronze, and silver blue ribbon medals in ballet. I have taught ballet for about 17 years now and have trained off and on for many more years than that. I Have taken certificates of examination in ballet through the R. A. D. and performed in several ballets. To name a few: Peter and the wolf, Coppelia, Sleeping Beauty, Nut Cracker, and Manon. In 2013 I finished up an AA degree performing and choreographing through the college system. I have modeled for a very long time and took classes with Barbizon and Austin’s Professional Modeling school. I have also had acting classes in the past that I took with Chris Wilson’s school for actors. I have posted instructional videos and photos regarding ballet instruction, conditioning exercises, and fashion for over 3 years now online, this is a business. I also post other things for the enjoyment and the benefit of others, remember I have had modeling and acting classes too. If you would like a private ballet class or would like to hire me as an actress or a model please leave a message here through the contact button below, I will get back with you as soon as I can regarding cost and other details. This is also away for those who choose to do so to leave me information regarding auditions if you would like. Thanks and have a wonderful day.